Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 6:30 PM

To The Best Person Alive Plzz Read :) xoxo

DEAR NICKI---i love everything about you nicki!!!
I feel like i relate to you from your music to your style to your personalty! I have never liked a artist this much! My friends n family call me obbessed but i just like to know whats happeing with you, Nicki :) You have changed the rap game in soo many inspirational ways and I admire that about you. Nicki you are soo different but in such a AMAZING way. I made this account to support you even more I support 100% all day everyday :) I would love too see you perform cuz it would be crazyy but you havent came to Iowa yet:( & I really want you too sign my boobs (the lil amount off tittites i do have) lol. But for real on some real shit YOU ARE MY IDOL!! I used to love listening to gucci and tech n9ne and lil wayne etc. but nope not now ALL I LISTEN TO IS YOU --NICKI :) The main reason you are my favorite tho is b/c everytime I listen to you / see your pictures or videos i get chills all over and i just get zoned into you and forget about whats happening around me it's kinda magical ya know what im sayin yo. Anyway I would love to meet you and talk to you in my lifetime!! Please Nicki take the time to read this and get ur talented sexy ass to Iowa plzz :) :) I promise you wont regret it :) & p.s. I knw you already knw this but YOU & DRAKE are the best for sure hands down! Nobody can compete with you two..ppl try but it doesnt really work out ...ILY!!! oh I forgot i wanna minaj;)

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    On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 6:32 PM, iamRC2010 said:

    I hope she actually reads this

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