Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 2:01 AM

I Am Beautiful :)

I am beautiful Despite the scars on my face, The absent teeth And the broken smile I am beautiful The broken nose bridge and the missing hair clump are really nothing to go by I am beautiful I will repeat, even if I’m the only one to say so I am beautiful I will tell myself, even if I evade the mirror like a coward The first time was an impulse (atleast that’s what I thought) But then, The regularities grew The extremity increased And the want of a cause disappeared To save non-existent pride and honour, I bore it all Just like the many before me did, With me do, And after me will I am beautiful Though the blood clots tell a different tale I am beautiful I care not for the permanent limp My mind plays games with me Making habit clear all sensation of pain And the numbness has spread right through my being Turning my soul cold And it still hurts, yes it does Each time there’s a part of me that breaks inside No physical torment can ever compare To the agony of shamming your own identity I am beautiful In my field of memories of long forgotten moments I am beautiful In my dreams of paradise I am beautiful To me and my made-sightless eyes I am beautiful If just in my name – I am beautiful

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