Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 2:13 AM

Nicki Be Kill Em

My momma told me "(Nicki killed all them rap B-tches because she multitalent-she can act/rap and sing........and them other girls really didnt rap_they talked_ not rap and she came out hard and she come with the craziest fashion and rap! she unique in her own way! She out and all these artist dead)" But my momma a big-huge Kim fan she grew up listening to her. (she asked me do I wanna be like Nicki lmmfao....I mean i cant me nobody else but my self she just inspire me to be me and Stay on my grind. But my momma said Kim inspire her because of her fashion she wanted to dress like ha...... But I just wanted to share this with my Barbs.....mwauh I love you Barbs

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