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Well, I feel I should write this for all the Barbs and Kens that didn't have there Fathers in their life. Well, I am one of the Barbs. I feel i should get this off my chest and share with you guys. I feel like I wasn't loved. My friends be talking about how they father do this and do that for them and i'm sitting here like dang were my daddy at. My daddy wasn't there one time in my life ( yea i seen him and talked to him don't get me wrong ) but still. I'm only a girl i cant take but so much. Some times I sit in my room and would cry and write down the things I had on my mind. Sometimes I feel like dang why would you have a child and not be part of their life. I don't know much about him. But I have learned a lot today because i have spoke to sister i didn't know that exist and it was great talking to her she had taught me something and told me so much about life and what she been through with our father not been in our life. Me, I don't know whats its like to have a father, but it will be a moment for life. My daddy, well i don't think he deserve be that, cause a father take care of their child. I have a right to be angry at him. I try my best to get in touch with, to accept him my life, i pray every night that he would at least try to be in my life, but i guest he wasn't ready for me and that my prayers wasn't strong enough. My momma had told me that i don't need a man in my life but my self and sometimes i'm going to have to struggle to get where i need to be even if it takes all my strength and just me. But to much said Barbs and Ken.....well i'm off to bed If you want to talk more message me please i really will appreciate it. Thanks Love you Barbs and Ken

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