Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 7:09 AM

Nicki Loves me

Dear, Nicki
Im not a begger, But you Nicki, but can you please give me this poster please. i have reason why i need this poster and why i want it. Nicki it would be a dream come true if you give me dis poster i will take care of it like its a child. and i would keep it foreva and eva thats my true word. It willl be something so amazing if I recieve a gift from you. And it would be a blessing if it could be a birfdae present. But honestly i just want a poster to go with my college full of everything that i have of youb. Nicki one day i would follow in your footsteps and be just like you sn(i know not just like you) but yea. I want to have a unique style like you and just set the future for myself what you have taught me and expire me to do. and if i recieve this poster, i would look at everyday and make sure i start a good day with the word of are my role model and expire me so much honestly thats my true word...I love you so much your like my everything....everybody say imma another darkskin version of nicki (lol) its a good thing.....But i just want to thank you so much...Your the Best and dont let nobody tel.ll you wrong i learn that.......Its Barbie.....(mwuah) love you boo (nh)

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