Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 2:07 AM

Watz The best thng u like about Nicki Minaj, Watz the worse thng u hate about Lil Kim

Barbz/ken barbz/stud muffins/boys everyone of us love Nicki to death. and a whole bumch of us have no love for kim! KIMBERLY JONES SUCK! is watz sed. but let ur anger out on the table. tell me wat makes u sick about lil kim. if u have more tyhan one thng that u hate about her. spill it out. itz a gud wayy to get it out and release the anger. trust me, u will feel gud after. but after allt hat anger is released, tell us the best thnq u love about HB. i knw yal wont say one thng so say watever u like. i have tons on thnqs i like about nicki and tons of thnqs i hate bout kim so spill'em and GO!!

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