Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 11:10 PM

girls fall likee dominoes ;

i steaal Jay's girls isteaal Elton girls youu knoe dem baad redbonee girls : neveer fcck w. thee faake girls . so if youu pretty you get these tiitiies niqqah youu already know im da best in evrey mofucckn CITY !! okaay so wen im in daa view i hang widd Armani and ween im in woodbinee i with akacia , May and Darionie and wen im in Gparkawaay im with Nessa or its Lilly im feeling likee a divaa so i hit Lenaay im in Florin imaa see khiaray A beast by night b - b - beauty by daay , and if i just need too taalk imaa hit up Madison if ineeds a bad bitch Angelyina Henderson , Material girls likee Lucinda , Claritta & Leticia she look just likee Selena she qoee widd hennessy be rocckn armanii , anywaays hit up Breiyanna Jones and tell her isaaid burn iiht , im out in florin mudaafuccka widd Victoriaa , !! haaa wtf likee thiss wass outta nowheree iwass listeening too thee songg and wass thinkinng bout my girlss ahaa im not a raapper !!idnt raap so of couurse this is waaccck #BOREED !!

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