Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 5:08 PM


i haate somee saturdaays ween there is nooo partiees to go too ! likee todaaay uggh guess imaa juss staay homee and waatch some moviees widd my sister , and go get some Waynes Wok idk if youu guys haave thaat where some ogf you guys livee lol but its likee thee BEST chinese food plaace thaat me and sister and frieends go to heree in saac . but aany waays uhhm waat else caan we do todaaay maybe do eaachothers naails andd makeup and hair lmaao likee wen we were liddo ahaas miss those daays thoee ween we were REALLLY CLOSE now youu always widd your girlfrieeend lol not thaat idnt likee her ilove her lobut yeaa. im hungry likee alwaays lol so imaa make some panckakes theen waatch somee moviess widd nessa !! so taalk too youu guys laater MUAAAAAAH (:

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