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Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj (a Nicki Minaj Fanfic) Chapter 9


Drake Came inside With Nicki but
Then She Realized....
Then Nicki Realized that She Has Been Robbed Because The Safe Stood Wide Open with it Being Completely Empty and There Was Usually stacks of Cash that Says $10,000 On a Piece Of Paper in Each Stack and Had Pieces of Gold In There. But it was just Empty. "Drake I've Been Robbed!" Nicki Yelled from Upstairs. Drake Came Running into the Safe Room (the Room the Safe is in)."Holy Motha Fucking Shit" Drake Said "When I Find Out Who The Fuck Did This Ima Beat Their ass!!!" Nicki Yelled Turning Into Roman Zolanski. "Let's Go Check The Security Cameras." Drake Said. They Went into the Panic Room and Looked at The Footage From The Security Cameras on the Giant TV.

The Camera Showed Someone With Long Curly Brunette Hair, and Had On Black Shorts that Stopped in Mid-Thigh, Black Ballerina Shoes, Black Earing, and a White T-shirt That Looked Like With Their Handwriting, They Wrote "I Hate Nicki Minaj!" With Something That Said Nicki Debut Album "Pink Friday" Written in Pink and it Was Crossed Out With a Black Marker and Said Lil Kim Mixtape "Black Friday" Written in Black and Wasn't Crossed Out.Then ??? Turned Around and it Showed Lil Kim So They Paused The Footage and Nicki Said "I Can't Believe That Queen Bee Bitch Lil Kim Did This Shit."

Then Nicki Dialed 911 to Call the Police and 8 Minutes Later They Arrived. Nicki Showed Them them the Footage and They Asked "Do You Know Who She is?" Nicki Responed By Saying "Yes I Do Know Her, it's a Girl Named Kimberly Jones, Middle Name Denise aka Lil Kim the Rapper" The Cops Wrote Down the Information (Nicki Real Name, Where Lil Kim Lives, Lil Kim Real Name, and Where Nicki Live) and They Said They Will Set Out To Find Her.


I Was Watching Eyewitness News When I Saw My Picture On The Screen and it Said "Lil Kim Robbed Nicki Minaj House" and I Packed Everything That I Had that Isn't Big (She Couldn't Pack TV,Table,Oven,etc.) I Packed Every Single Piece Of Clothes, Shoes, and Jewelry I Had and All Of My Gold and Stacks of Money and I Walked Out The Door With All My Things In My Suitcase and a Limo Came To Pick Me Up And Took Me To L.A.X. airport and I Got On My Private Jet and as Soon as The Plane Took Off, I Went into The Bathroom, Then I Cut Off 7 inches or More Of My Hair Then, it Was Real Short (Stopped at My Neck) and Then I Dyed It Red and I Bleached My Skin On Every Part of my Body So I'd Be Lighter and I Would Go to The Hospital to Get a Nose Job (My Nose Be Redone), and Remove The Mole On My Face Near My Left Cheek and Near My Mouth and Nose and I'd Change My Name To Raven King Middle Name Kandy

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