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Meeting Nicki: Moment 4 Life!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin!

It all started when Tim Westwood tweeted that he had some news for the UK barbz! Then he said he would tell us next week but TeamMinajUK went IN on him *pauz!* Tweeting him and filling up his DM’s! So a little later his dm’d a few of us saying he’d spoken to the record label during his Drake interview and Nicki was going to be here the week after around Thursday and Friday!!!!!! We were all going crazy! Then we found out that Nicki was going to be arriving on the Wednesday; that happened to be the only day we could spend in London! So after a few excited conversations me, @LeicesterBarbie (Kamelia) and @ClaireBynoe decided we’d go ahead and book the train & coach tickets and go meet our HB! On the Wednesday morning I travelled to Manchester to meet Claire then we got the train down to London (just over 2 hour journey) and met Kamelia @ London Euston! We had no idea where to go, as none of us are very familiar with London! So we went to a couple of hotels and a photographer told us she’s at the Dorchester! He walked us there and when we arrived there were a few other barbz around! We stood outside the hotel in the FREEEEEEZING cold from about 3:30pm until the verrrrry last minute we could! Our trains left at 9pm so as it got closer to then we regrettably had to leave without catching sight of Nicki! (Thank you to EVERY SINGLE barb/kenbarb etc that tweeted Nicki about us and asked if she would go downstairs and see us). It’s safe to say that our separate journey’s home were awful! I cried the whole two-hour’s and this couple kept staring at me but I was too upset to care! Then, Nicki messaged me saying she was sorry we couldn’t meet but she had so many interviews and fittings to do! Then, just before the train got to the station Westwood dm’d us again saying Nicki was live with him on Saturday @ 9pm! We didn’t realise Nicki was staying here so long! A little glimmer of hope appeared again!

The next day, I was too upset even to look at photos from Nicki’s first day in London, it was just too much! The barbz and me were still unsure whether to travel again, we weren’t sure she was definitely going to be actually in the studio! We were also worried that we’d travel all that way and be disappointed again! Both me and Kamelia spoke to Westwood about our experience, who was really sweet and kind! He told Kamelia that he’d never heard of or met fans as dedicated as us before. We explained to him that we may travel again on Saturday. The people we mentioned this too seemed pretty sceptical and it made me and Kamelia think ‘screw it! *pauz* we’re gonna go back!!!’ We spoke to Claire and we decided that despite the cost, crazy travelling times and possible disappointment, we just HAD to try again! We were so excited; it had to happen this time! THEN, the news broke that because of the chaos outside Nicki’s hotel everyday they kicked her out!!!! *side note* Can’t believe they treated Nicki like that, how can they blame her??! Anyway, ‘that’s it we thought,’ if we don’t know her hotel, we’ll have no idea where to go all over again! This game of hope, disappointment, hope, disappoint was tough!! So both Claire I messaged how sad we were that we were going to travel again and more than likely miss Nicki once more! Nicki messaged both of us saying she’d love to meet us! *I was actually asleep at this time (cuz of the early start) but thankfully Claire bbmd me saying ‘OMG WTF’ so I woke up and saw the dm! (THANK U CLAIRE!!!!).* The original plan was for us to go the club with her but when we told her we had to leave London @ 11.30pm she said ‘Ok I’ll meet with you guys earlier!’ Nicki had press the whole entire day of Saturday but still said she would fit us in! That is testament to how much she cares about her fans! She is unbelievable! So we had to dm her our numbers and she would have Martin call us to arrange it all! Martin called both me and Claire and told me to text him when we arrive in London and he would let us know where they are and when we can meet Nicki! During the time from when Nicki dm’d to my convo with Martin I thought “THIS ISN’T REAL, I MUST BE DREAMING!” I thought she’s been hacked!! Claire even asked her if she was serious! I went to sleep dreaming of meeting HB and asking myself if this could finally happen for us!

Woke up @ 5:30am to catch my 6:45 train to LDN! Still not quite believing what happened! Met Kamelia at 9 (sooo proud I used the tube all by myself & didn’t get lost!) We decided to go Oxford street for something to do while we waited to hear from Martin! I texted him saying I’d arrived and who I was with and that Claire was arriving at 3pm! We went to Topshop & about half an hour after I texted , he text back saying he would text us later what area they were in and we’ll meet her! We had a spazz attack in the middle of Topshop, this dude working there looked at us like we were mental!! So, we decided to go shopping for some little gifts for HB! We got her a cute little carton of British sweets that said ‘Eat Me’ on the front so we wrote ‘pauz’ underneath lol! Then we got her some Hello Kitty slippers, an I love London nail file, some English tea with Rich Tea biscuits! A note pad that said ‘Princess of London’ And Claire picked out the cutest lipstick shaped pen that had the Union Jack on it in diamantes in Liverpool! We went to Pizza Hut at lunch time and when we left we realised that we left the bag with HB’s presents in ahhhhhh! We ran back, our hearts racing and thankfully the waitress had put it away! *BBM phew face*

Next on the agenda was to meet Claire at Euston station at 3! We met her and decided to go for a coffee to calm our nerves as we still hadn’t heard from Martin…eeeeek! We then went back to Topshop so Claire could buy some earrings, we were underground without signal for sooooo long I was scared Martin would text. Sure enough once we got out and into Topshop, there was the text “we’re at the Landmark, u guys come meet us here and I’ll let you know when you can meet Nicki!” KDFKDFKDMFVDJKDNVAJSHUE I grabbed the girls and shouted “WE GOTTA GO!” They like woooaaaahhhh why what happened??! Showed them the text, Claire abandoned the earrings and we ran to ask someone where the Landmark was! Nobody bloody knew! So we just flagged a taxi and he said it wasn’t too far away, would be £10 so we jumped in! The journey was madness: lipsticks, bronzer, blusher, brushes flying all over the cab! We got out, and there was some more TeamMinajUK (*wooo! Love u guys!!) there and few others we didn’t recognise! We text to let Martin know we were there and waited….and waited…..and waited! LMAO! In this time, more and more people were turning up! Oh great we thought, there’s gonna be another zoo and our chance will be lost again! From 5 til about 7.30pm we stood in the cold freeeeezing our bums off! Some of the people there were so random! One didn’t even know who SB was!! She needed numba signing! Most laughed and thought we were weird when we said we were Team Minaj!! (She who laughs lasts…….) A lady who interviewed Nicki came down and interviewed the TeamMinajUK that were there! She was so sweet! More people turned up so they had to put railings out! We were starting to lose hope again! We then saw Martin at the entrance and us TeamMinajUK recognised him and shouted him, he looked a little scuuured lol! Then a little later, he text saying come to the other entrance and I’ll meet u there! He then rang like 1 min later asking if I got his message lol! And of course as we made our way round, a load of others tried to run past us so that another crowd formed around the other door! I decided to go into the foyer and wait for him, he text to say he was on his way down. Came out and asked for Rachael (me) and who I was with and said ‘ok you three come.’ He did say at first that we’d meet her three at a time! (Unfortunately, the other barbz didn’t get taken up, but GraceBarbiee spoke to Nicki on the radio show and sent Martin to get them out the crowd!) We met one of Nicki’s team in the lift with lots of food for her lol, so Martin goes to help him and tells us to wait in the corridor by this big mirror! Thank God cos I seriously needed to check myself, I was all windswept lol! He comes back down the corridor and walks down and we see Nicki’s bodyguard, he was really nice to us! Then Martin says ‘Ok are u guys ready’ I was like no! Lol! (how can u ever be ready 2 meet ur inspiration! I was so nervous!) He knocked on the door and who opens it!? SB!!!! When I saw him there my jaw just dropped and I like took a step back, I just couldn’t believe it was happening! He looked at me like I was craaaazy lmao! So he gave each one of us a hug! Claire said ‘wadddup SB??!’ lmaaooo! As I was at the back I didn’t see her get up but Claire said she was sitting down, heard us, turned round, and got up! I just heard her say ‘BARBZ!!’ With her cute liddle voice! Having Nicki call u barb to ur face is just amazing! I turned the corner, saw her face and just broke down!! I couldn’t hold it in! She was like ‘awww barb’ and hugged me! I struggled to get the words out through the tears but managed to say ‘I’m sorry for crying, I just really wanted this, but didn’t think it would happen.’ She kept saying ‘awaah she is so cute!’ Ahhh Nicki Minaj called me cute!! She said ‘I’m really sorry we don’t have much time!’ We said we’ve got presents for you! She said thank you and then ‘there’s lots of stuff here that you can have if it fits!’ We were like whaaaaaat? But she moved on to something else so we asked her if she’d like to open her presents now! She looked so excited! And told us to sit on the carpet with her! She pulled the slippers out first and said ‘aww barbz how did u know I had little itty bitty feet?’ She loved the sweets and I said but look what we wrote she said it outloud ‘eat me, pauz!’ and laughed! Then she pulled out the pen Claire had found and was so happy with it! She called James in and said ‘James we have to have these for the tour, look! It’s a pen!!!’ And then James said hi to us and said ‘enjoy yourselves girls!’ He’s so lovely! I told her there were some letters in there and she said I’ll read them I promise! Then she said ‘ok lets do photos!’ She said we’d have a group one then individual ones then one with SB! SB took the photos and after everyone she would like ‘another one!’ and ‘that’s cute!’ Then before the one with SB he said ‘wait lemme put my shades on!’ HB rolled her eyes and was like ‘oh Safaree and his shades!’ We took two cool ones with SB! Then Nicki asked if we had things we wanted signing, so we have her our Pink Friday mini posters and she wrote ‘Rachael, my favourite beautiful bug! Love, Nicki!’ She asked what else we could do and Kamelia was like ‘BOOOOBZ’ LMAO! So she got her marker and my dress was really high up so I was like Nicki I don’t think you will be able to do it! She was like ‘No, I will make it work!’ And literally pulled my dress as far as it would go to sign!!!!
After that, she took us to all the stuff she’d been sent and just started giving it to us! We said we couldn’t take all this ‘she just gave her shy smile and said ‘there’s so much!’ There was this gorgeous sweatsuit and I just looked at it and went wow that’s lovely so she was like ‘aww you’ve gotta have this one then!’’ She gave us all such cute things! And told Kamelia you’ll have cousins or nieces that these will fit so take them! Then she pulled out these cute sneaker and saw my face and said ‘aww look at her face, you can have these! She said lemme sign them so that if they don’t fit u can just keep them! So she signed one in silver! She then said ‘you need a top to go with the suit, here and threw a cute top at me!’ She then told SB to get us some bags; he got one for me and started putting my stuff away!!!

Finally, she started asking questions like ‘Have you guys eaten all day?’ And she said if Martin had told me how long you’d been waiting I’d have put you in one of our other room so you were warm and coulda had tea!’ She asked how we’d been getting around we said the tube and she said what’s that like a bus?! Aww! We told her it was like the subway in New York! Before we left she said the sweetest things ever! First she said, ‘You have to text Martin when you arrive at your coach station and when you get home so I know you’re safe!’ And then we were putting our coats on she said ‘Let me check you’re coats are zipped up and you’ve got your scarfs on cos it’s so cold out!.’ Oh and then she said ‘I bet you guys are thirsty, take these bottles of water!’ Before we left she said "I wish I could hug and kiss you barbz all night but I need to get ready!" Then we got one last hug off SB, then Nicki (I didn’t wanna let go!) We left and Nicki’s guard as well as a hotel security had to lead us down with Martin because of the crowd downstairs and because some had found their way to Nicki’s floor!!!

We left and went to the radio station she was going to be at! Westwood rang us so we could talk about out experience on air! Then we heard Nicki talking about us “These girls came to the hotel, they were just a joy. We took pictures, they gave me gifts, I gave them gifts, it was freaking amazing!” Awww! That interview with Nicki & SB was just LIFE!!!!

And so concludes, the craziest, most beautiful surreal week of our lives! Nicki is beautiful inside and out, to have organised all that for us was incredible! We felt like family not fans! Nobody treats their fans like Nicki, nobody ever will!!! She’s one of kind!

Thank you to everyone that sent us lovely messages like ‘I hope you finally get to meet’ and all the congratulations saying how pleased you were for us! They made me cry, so sweet! The week taught us to never give up, if meeting Nicki is your dream then don’t give up! It will come true!

Because of what Nicki did for us and continues to do for us, I will defend her forever! She has the biggest heart and it’s made of gold! She is just wonderful!

We did it! We got it! Our Moment 4 Life!

Love, hugs, kisses to you all! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo God Bless!

  1. SHAN_HBBB avatar

    On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 11:30 PM, SHAN_HBBB said:

    Im so happy for you!!! (so jelous)
    You are one lucky lucky lucky barb x

  2. KellBarbs_x avatar

    On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 12:34 PM, KellBarbs_x said:

    This made me cry, i'm sooooooo happy for you barb!!

  3. makenna avatar

    On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 1:29 PM, makenna said:

    awww im jelous bt happy 4 u eitha way that must have been beyond awesome yey you guys :)

  4. Lisbeth avatar

    On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 8:30 PM, Lisbeth said:

    YOU ARE SOO LUCKY!!!! im so happy for you tho

  5. Moesha'Simplyy_Loves_NickiManaj x avatar

    On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 12:49 PM, Moesha'Simplyy_Loves_NickiManaj x said:

    D'aaw Soundss Lyk Uu Had A Great Time,,Congrats Barb :) x
    Ur Really Luckyy...,,#TeamNickiManaj

  6. ManxBarbie avatar

    On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 8:59 PM, ManxBarbie said:

    Congrats on meeting her!
    Sounds like you had a great time and it was so nice of her to do all that for you! :-)

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