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The â??Nictionaryâ?? was created by the â??HBâ?? herself, Nicki Minaj. It is the â??Barbie Dictionaryâ?? to walk pedestrians through her vocabulary and terminologies. So, â??STEP YA NICTIONARY UP!â??

Official Secret Society Barbie Statement: Iâ??m a GIRL \ and Iâ??m RICH \ its BARBIE \ YOU little BITCH!!!!!

AckOrgiddyWay ItchesOrgiddyBay: \Ë?aktË?-orË?gi-dÄ?-wÄ?-Ë?iches-orË?gi-dÄ?-Ë?bÄ?\

The barbie pig latin term for â??whack bitchesâ??.
Baldy Locks: \bal-dÄ?-läks\

Good head.
Fetch: \Ë?fech\

a term used to describe something a bitchy Harajuku Barbie really likes.
*Only used with other HBs.

Surfboard: \sÉ?rf-bȯrd\

used to describe a hatin ass WASHED up bitch.
EX: Cowubunga! Hit the surfboard ya surfboard ass bitch!

Waffle House: \Ë?wä-fÉ?l -Ë?haus\

a clearly misguided old wrinkle.
Zoo: \Ë?zü\

when exciting, crazy and fetch need to be combined to describe a noun.
*can only be said with extreme intensity.

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