Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 9:55 AM

An Ode for Nicki’s Barbie Army

We are the Barbz so you better reckon
Are numbers are multiplying 10x a second
And this goes out to lil tragic has been
You mess with us
When your messing with our QUEEN

Us Barbz come in all ages
We span the globe and cover all races
So don’t be fooled by our freckled cute faces
If it’s a war you want
We are the army your facing!

My ASS…..Queen bee?!? Honey…
Where the fucks your colony?

Acting all big thinking your still huge
Aint she the skank that sang Moulin rouge?
Who gives a shit, her sell by date has passed
You should be thanking our Nicki
For digging up your dead ass

Green don’t suit ya if you know what I mean
Your looks so cheap when compared to our queen

You should of joined forces took Roman under your wing
The Barbz would of backed ya, let you do your own thing
But your jealous little tongue ran away with its self
Now someone’s got to tell this hoe
Get back on the shelf

Doctor doctor help her please
cant you see that face looks diseased
She dumpy and stumpy and her hair extensions are clumpy
And when she started on our Barbie she didn’t count on her company

So in 5 years time she’ll still be back of the line
While fighting dementia she’ll be collecting her pension
to fund her attention for a radio mention

And she’s looking through rose tint
if she thinks she’s the blue print
Cant this bitch see
She’s fighting a Nicki Minaj...... MOVMENT!!!

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