Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 4:31 AM

Chris Brown!

i am a HUGE chris brown fan. i did not get fame today sadly :( i dont have the money for it ... i recorded good morning america , & its really ugh how Robin asked him main questions about rihanna when clearly thats NOT why he was there. he was there for F.A.M.E. its been 2 years , & no matter how much i dislike rihanna what he did was W R O N G ! i forgave him , alot of fans forgave him , he forgave hisself & so did god. the only people who HAVEN'T let it go are the MEDIA & basic haters. I know alot of people are tired of hearing about it including Rhianna. They both need to go on w/ their careers. You cant even deny the man has talent. He can dance his ass off , sing , rap & act. He is beyond multi-talented. He is the closest thing we have to michael jackson , in MY opinion. People are always tellong me i should stop dickriding him which is really annoying because ive been a fan since 05. & last but not least he did NOT make a comeback , he is just finally NOT being ignored. Graffiti was a amazing album but it had POOR promo. So buy fame for some more real music. & if you a hater but it 3X!

p.s i REALLY want him & Nicki to do i collab. i NEED that in my life!

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