Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 4:14 AM

My say on Gay

By: 120882

I don't mind if a woman or mael is gay as long as an gay man doesn't come on to me if a female is gay she cool another guy in my eye. But if that girl is bi kind of hard for me because bi girls an lesbians are pretty hot and if she bi and hot I'm gonna wanna fuck her. But at the same guy she might not feel the same for me so its hard to be friends with somebody gay if its an boy but if its an girl it would be alittle bit easier. I still think tis not godly but I can't judge I'm not GOD. Others that judge need to learn that every once in a while you get that girl crush boy crush feelin even though I never have some that judge do. People kill them selves on this type of topic so gay kids at my school are like really good friends of mine the best part is I'm not their type they do fuck each other though. But remember you are NOT GOD so get over go screw yourself if you judge because you probably have blood on your hands for judging somone. Man just like my dad nigga always preachin but me I'm always FUCKIN BIOOTCH.

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