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my new song I actually like it

By: 120882

Ugh take niggas out one by one I can fuck your girl better than you can by a ton who won uhh definnetley not you I heard you suck dick so do your bitch to tell you the truth I wanna do something new and talk to her with just for a couple days I ask her how it feel and she screaming I just look her in her eyes I have so much fucking pride she got them legs wide I just go inside tell her that I love her it might be true or not asking me all these questions like who did it for you well let me let you know I did for myself damn she beautiful still thinkg about her every mintue she talking to me and I fell for her type damn I guess I'm trippin ugh now tell me why you smiling always ignoring me telling me things I don't want to hear man you like an whore to me every nigga done wore them shoes just like every nigga done wore you you say it's first time to all of us but we all know you lying stop trying to kill the silence tell me what the fuck happened you told me you loved me but now I'm feel it happen the moment that you lie to me the same moment that you try to fuck with me btich you must be high I got lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets man she in the back room like she on layaway nigga I get paid more then you can say well why you trying to make more if thats ok now keep on moving tell me what happened close my eyes put my head down nigga I'm going swimming deep inside her pussy just like I do this thing nigga how you feel tell me what you think now bitch you can suck my dick and just like the vine videos you just want the D

Deep inside of you is what I really wanna do but I heard you new I gotta do something good but then I heard that ain't true alright

So ok now tell me what happened we all taking shots till we can't remember what happened I heard thats how she get them niggas to fuck her she got some new tities I wonder why though she always fucking so you know gotta get new ones she said they was bigger than last time so man she got a upgrade after her two year plan she suck dick fuck good talk shit real hood tell me why she do what she do but still can't get paid her dream job is to work at kings of diamonds her future life is gonna be filed with baby daddys and niggas in and out just like a soccer ball and then you never ten kids running after her dance on the pole she already teaching her oldest daughter how to pop that pussy just another way to ruin her life showing her how to pop that pussy then I went to visit her mom she said I never raised her like that she was a good child now shes a teen and shes all that can't believe I fell for her type now ehn I go deep inside I look in too her eyes while she screamin out shit and she telling me to keep on going till I cum so I go as I was told just to let you know she deep throat down bitch 101 man I love her some much but some is just alittle my real love is just a giggle I look into her eyes and I can see don't like this life she tighter than mothafucker and she fucked three niggas already that night I got her on the bathroom counter tity stiches showin hoping that it all don't show when she gotta put back on her clothes yeah


Outro: Faith envys: never believe that girl when she says " oh I'm a virgin" lie bitch please stop lying

My bestie: "yes they do its true sometimes just depends on which girl you trying to get

This nigga: damn now we gotta choose we can't fuck hoes anymore damn nigga fuck that

um to my baby this was a while back I promise

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    On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 2:58 AM, 120882 said:

    This song is on so check me out

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