Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 3:38 PM

Bitches love me remix

By: 120882

[Hook: Ks]
I'm on that good kush and alcohol
I got some down bitches I can call
I don't know what I would do without y'all
I'mma ball til the day I fall

Yeah, long as my bitches love me (yeah, yeah)
I can give a fuck 'bout no hater
Long as my bitches love me
I can give a fuck 'bout no niggas
Long as these bitches love me

VERSE: ugh tell me why you love me because right now you 'bout to fucking judge me just another way to say you love me do you love me ugh cause I know you mad I fucked your friend over you I speak the truth and tell it all now bitch you know what to do bend over touch your toes grab something like you bout to rednose like a pitbull now get it baby drop it back now do it swerve in yuor lane fuck her and I feel the same but all she do is talk about all of her pain she said she sore and she ain't walking right well bitch thats not my problem and you not talking right she looking better just by the minute I tell her to do what she do but then she won't admit it I only gave her one goal fill my stomach when its empty and empty my balls when they'er full now nigga I usually fuck with your wife but I'm gonna be nice and pass her for your side bitch I helped you both out by alot maybe even a mile coming up I feel like my life is nothing compared to eight mile but yet again we say our lives harder because we need a bitch to call her mrs.walker fuck her like she Halle berry eat her like she nicki two bitches combined nigga might get a hickie I don't do them and I definitely can't do no quickie beat that pussy up for even in the shower as long as my bitches love me I don't give a fuck what she say yeah I'm young dumb and the number one to fuck call me your daddy while I walk on the land bitch I wear the pants and if you wear them I dare you to take that belt off and I'm gonna take mine off
Cause you know what time it is she fill her throat can't feel her knees man she blow I fuck with her cause she knows how it goes she be on the ground rolling round turn upside backflip now laydown hold that yeah baby like that go head getit girl damn I really wanna rock her world


She loves me not she loves me she hot to death but she got cold feet nervous just another way for me to eat it beat it up and my bitch sip and slurp on this dick like its a slurpie she take her time and she grind while wind penetrating that throat like I'm a maniac I beat that pussy so good she said it feel like I beat that pussy up with a baseball bat yeah nigga I fucked your girl and the world had that bitch on my dick


I lost a few good bitches
Met some more bad bitches
And I be schooling them niggas
Pose for your class picture
Now kiss my ass if you hating
I'm getting ass or I'm skating

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