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my music for my niggas and my homies who remember this song called life goes on

By: 120882

Just another day that goes on in life just a another bitch on my side take left down that street and you right over there well let me take yo back in the good old days when you fucked a girl it was the best thing for you now you look like a ho if you fucking do it now i just can't fucking do it its too easy to live for yourself but then again I live for allt he kids who didn't get to see 17 nigga it ain't right how you do that to me I take it to heart everyday another kid missing in the usa another girl over fucked in my bedroom nigga just too soon another stripper talking too me sideways or is it cause I'm high fuck it I'm ok now I feel like kid'n'play both combined nigga what would you say hate me or you love me my way or the high way and man I'm on the high way higher than the stars and the moon nigga at pluto oooh now step up on me and tell me nigga I get that money and you can suck my dick if you hating on me now tell me what you did about that thing all these rachet hoes proud of the them selves if they make it to world star well bitch I wanna be the worlds biggest star all I know is its hard to make it out an jungle that try to keep you back oh and on top of all that you try to take it back tel me what you gonna do on top of all that matter fact nigga what you gonna do when they see you go head nigga let me see you fail go head nigga get it and loose your chance uh wtih your pants on the ground and you think you fucking cool but you not nigga wow trying to sing your damn songs like you fucking trey songz (ooh) nigga let me be before you get swung up on while you motherfucking and mothersucking and eating your grandma's (ugh) while niggs it's just too soon everybody like please don't do it but we gone and we gonna do it "cause we bout dat life ugh
Outro: Faith envys: naw nigga not me I wish a nigga would
My boo: babe for real let's be real here would you babe
My niggas: yes th fuck he would try his motherfucking life
Faith envys man ya'll niggas crazy uhhhhhhhh

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