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I have probably done 14 diets my whole life. All were a fail. I would google diets, and try working out but it juts wasn't me, you know? Have any of you guys tried diets? Did they work? Whats your secret? i am not saying i need a diet. But i think i could eat more healthy than i am, now. I always eat salad but than i smother it in ranch or ceased dressing. That can't be healthy right? So i tried eating straight op carrots and broccoli but it tasted bad without dressing. So i tried boiling the vegi's and it was delicious...... i think i may have some when i get home. I've also tried rice cakes, there were good to. I have tried working out but i just could find the strength to do it. I think maybe next year ill get a personal trainer. I already am thin, but i don't have the flat stomach i want. I also want to keep my boobs, and ass. Is there a way to get thin but keep my body? Someone please tell me!! Well i gotta go eat my ceaser salad. Bye Barbz blog ya later xxx :)

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