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Freshman & Seniors

I started dating this guy Mike, today. He is the cutest boy ever. But there is a problem..... I'm a freshman and he's a senior. I mean i don't see what the big deal is. People marry People younger and older all the time. I mean we rant doing anything illegal! Everyones saying he's a playa, and he did all this shit with these other girls...... DO YOU THINK I GIVE A FLYING FUCK?!?!?! I mean unless he's going shit with them while were dating, i don't care. If my friends care about me so much and want me to be happy, than they will keep their damn mouths shut, and mind their own damn business!!!! What are your feelings on Seniors dating Freshman? Love ya xxx

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    On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 11:18 PM, LadiieWeeZyy said:

    IM hellaa lateee lol but theere is noooo probleem iam a junior and my frieend started goiin out widd diss guy her freshman yeaar thaat was a junior theen all thesse people wass talkinng shiit aboot hiim and how he wass a plaayer and dated girls for likee only aa week and will leaave dem but guess whaat theey are still together theey haave their ups and downs but heey whaats a realtionship widd out problems ? dont listeen to waat nobodyy saay if youu aree happy widd him youu dnt need opinons frm otherr peoplee . its uur realtionship not theirs !!!!!

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