Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 9:10 AM


I thought that I wuld change,but I didn't now , I'm lettin out all my pains on rhythm, sitting in the. Bak rage while I'm billin, thinkin bout the change and the way I been livin,I use to be on the block everyday wid my top street gonns smokin my life away things change the hood aint the same , I lost all my friends they had nuffin like a game I go bak to the hood its different now my nans move out looks like a different house ,olders on the block tink I'm different. Nw ,they say I aint about and ima missin out , now you can take a girl out of a ghetoo but yu can never take a ghetto outta a girl you can dress me up in a louie,but yu'll never take the ghetto outta my wrld- OGNiki

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