Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 2:55 PM

believe your self

Good morning to y'all,hope your alright,anyways this is my truth.
I hear a lot pol tellin me I cnt do it,I dnt understand why you worry about my life so much,y'all are jus haters tryna make me feel down... But I willl always try and never stop chasin after my my queen nicki says' WorkHard&LaughLata' nd I madly agree wid tht amaazin quotes cause if yyu work hard now;and stay in skl,graduating; will pay of in future& if Yur NT graduating or stayin in skl NW yu will rrregret sum point in life...STAY IN SKL &KEEPIN WORKIN. HARD!!

Everybody is all beautiful inn all ways dont let anybody tell you wrong I have had people callin me names and I do feel abit down/Angry. But my mum is always der for me tellin me to believe in my self and she always tells imm talent.

I may said. This many times but yes I REALLY do wanna become a singers nd rapper,I once Had a dream of me becoming famous nd doing my first single called 'My life' I told my friend about that dream of me becoming famous nd doing my first single called 'My life' Me ft Nicki Minaj and she was like that is sucha a creative&Amazin dream and i was like yeah i kno and she was like you'll never know that dream May come True;jus wait and see.

Cause Life is Surprise!!!!!

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