Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 7:00 PM

My Life (chapter 2)

When people make your life even worse,making you wanna feel bad of yourself,when you have an problem having no one to tell,as the ones you called a 'friend' turn there back on you and didnt give a fuck what you said always taking things as a jokes and never waking up to reality;Meeting people in life Hoping they will understand you but instead they Their the one worse than your original enemy.
All i wanted is Love,Happiness and people to understand where ima coming from...No, i may not have everything that People has/have.Thats not something to bully a person on,yu dont know the reason they may not have it.

Coming frm school to Home,Always made me Get a negative feeling,when usually people run to their homes cause thats the only place they get Love from but no My dreams are the only places I dream to live in for years ,my dreams are the one that will change my Life, i jus wish it could happen instantly,dont you think life is like a journey going through a along process in life meeting people you have never met,seeing things that you have never seen,hearing things that you wanna block your ears from...Its all Life,like it or not you got life it and always try your best, my journey frm childhood to teen wasnt the great,every day,every week,every month and every years i just dream that my time of life will just fly by...

The Only person in my life since i was a child till now that has supporting me through Thin and thick is my Mum and im really thankful to have her;she everything to me she my Best friend,My Mum and My dad at the same time,when ever is fathers day It's a mothers day for me,.

Be proud to have a supportive Mum by your side,some people dont!

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    On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 8:21 PM, Girls love Nicki said:

    this was freaking everything to me !! thanks for writing tis gave me soooo much life ! BEAUTIFUL xoxox

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