Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 6:00 AM

My Life' (chapter 3)

Life is a long journey taking you everywhere wanting, you to experience a lot.
Everyday at home not seeing happiness,Locking myself in my Room Blocking my ears with My Music, Have you ever felt like you have your Own world? feels like you live is free and more freedom&No One in charge of yur life.

Everyday When i go park and i see a Joyful family...Wishing i had that opportunity,lookin in the sky,Clouds Writing them self in the sky about my future ;Seeing diagrams in clouds of whats ahead of me,also Question mark? Meaning Life's a mystery you'll never know what will happen in life...

My life's has been Up&Down but i want my future ahead of me to be bright and My ambition is to Sing/rap My hopes in life are to meet my Queen i have inspired throughout my whole life;Blocking my diaster wrld wid her bright meaningful tunes,Life was unfair in childhood: i hope its Fair in the future...!!

Always believe in your Ambition it will appear one day !

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