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My life (chapter 4)

Lifee iss lifee that never ends,its like an endless street which never ends,a lot of mystery you gotta discover,work hard to make your lifeee a bright one...My Lifee is lookin bright inda future and will hopefully be,if i keep trying my best in school and graduating My hard work i did in My teen life will pay of big time!

Also in my Future this is the one thing i guarantee me self... That i will go and see my Queen 'Nicki i have always dream/wished for this moment,i really hope i do, i have started saving my Money up for my future to see my Queen NiNi( nickname i made for Nicki<3)!!! People may find it odd&weird&crazy but, naah you dont kno Me so dont judge me!

I have had a lot of people in my Life judging me and my Idol ;First ya dont kno her;ya'll jus know her name but not really her so please sitt! Ya'll jus dark shadow tryna hunt for people's souls raarr; juss go and find a life , instead of sitting behind a screen hatin on people givin ppl negative comments; but...yu haters have hurt me alot of time but now i will remind strong i will never get be weak.

To My Queen NiNi;I will always ALWAYSSS Love my Queen nuffin will ever get in the way,she my star i always dreamed to reached He Tuness are Like paths im walkin thru takes me alot of places (imagination) When Im always emtional i kno what to do jus block my ears with Nic's tune it makes me feel better and keep strong In my difficult life,also when i listen to her music;each words she sings has a lot of meaning to it, and only people who really understand her will understand it,I have been inspiring nicki for 5year Now,LOVE'HER so much and will do forever and i hope i meet you as anyways i wanna become a singer and rapper!!

To My mum: You will always be My wrld Forever&In will remain my heart!!
To My siblings: Lord help the mister that comes between me and my sister&Brother.

Alsooo i aint forget this s/o to myy Bestt barb! @Princess_Muahxo Shes
just a star shining up wid beautifulness,kindness,Every postive word you can think of she Helped me alot she been like i dont kno how to explain but she jus made me be Kin on my self and she has always support me and always tells me to try hard she jus been brilliant friend, im thankful to have her in My lifee i usually regret having to meet sum people in my life but i deffo don't regret meeting her in my life Im so happy i did!!

Thats MY Life. Theres obviously alot more but thats all i can share for now; Hope you enjoyed my chapters,dem who understand my life thank you for understanding me.

Remember:Life is like a game you got to play every level well,Live the life you deserve to live..MUAH

  1. BaddestBitchh avatar

    On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 3:28 PM, BaddestBitchh said:

    Aww fankqueee! <3

  2. Girls love Nicki avatar

    On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 1:07 AM, Girls love Nicki said:

    awwwwwwww i loved it bew bew broughht tears to my eyes frfr love you mmmmmuuaaahhhh!!

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