Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 8:32 PM

The Truth !

We should all thank,nic For making us spoiled Givin us madd treats like;video's opportunity of having Twerk contest and winner gets to meet her like she treat us like were her kids telling us to stay in school and graduate she jus like an second wonderful mother anyone will appreciate to have ... i have personally love nicki for 5 years ,,, as i start listening to her tunes;mad me feel mad emotional and i could feel how she was feelin; as i also live similar to it but i believe that one day i can change my life like nicki did and im glad it turned out her life became successful,and is now livin in the BEST life ever.

What nicki raps about has deep meanin to it ,most y'all jus listen to the beats but not di lyrics well if yu listen to the lyrics carefully you will understand everything and know nicki More and understand how her childhood was and you will image everything; that is how deep her words are.And again i truly wished i could be a singer and rapper; and i hope i become successful in my future i dream it but wanna live it!!!!! And I save up to get to move to America And Start my career(singin&Rapping). i have Dream of meeting Onika And really hope i do;She my idol;shes the reason why i keep strong and never giv up on life; Thanks to her Rappers ther like a roads takin us to the right direction in life (yu may not think thts weird but thats wat i imagine).

I have people Saying

you'll never succed
they try pullin me down; i have actually belived them once and really got frustrated but im thankful to have a mum supporting and tellin me to keep strong and let haters hate.

I Dont understand why haters hate on nicki like:
A.Do you kno her? no
B.Do you know her life story?Noo Cause ya To buzy hating.
C.Do you kno what her intention are? I doubt
Ya haters saying she cant sing or rapper well guess wht... YUR FULL OF BULLSHIT
As nic Sayss in her rappers
S/O To my haters you couldnt phase me!.

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    On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 8:51 PM, MyMommaNickiM said:

    That is the truth!! Follow my twitter! Minajverse

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