Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 11:49 PM

nicki 1st perfume

the anticipation for nicki minaj's first perfume is really getting to me. I have already heard the description to the scent but i wanna know if its like a day or night scent or is it going to be as loud as me or as sweet as me or as sexy as i am. my friends tell me why you so worried? its not like you are not to wear it anyway? True- but i wanna know!!! i saw the commercial for if on thanksgiving and im still waiting to see when i drag a man to get it for me!! like does europe get to get it before i do?? and i know i want it to cost atleast 85 beans cause i dont want everyone that wants one to have one..yeah im a bad bitch. and im not into sharing so there it is i want to know where this aroma will fit in my world but what ever time it smells like i will find a way to incorporate it in mines!!

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