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VAG-COM also has OBDII diagnostic function, but only applied Volkswagen vehicles diagnostic OBDII, no J1850 protocol.

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Because January 1996 has been marketing autos in North America are necessary to supply OBD2, this is the onboard computer diagnostic procedure OBD abbreviation, and OBD2 since just after 1993 are referred to as the 2nd generation of OBD diagnostic program, so termed as OBD2. OBD2 can check the catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, secondary air injection and forced crankcase ventilation program is functioning effectively, the us has prolonged been utilised as essential equipment put in, it could result in early detection of elevated emissions and enhanced fuel consumption that occurred while in the exhaust and fuel system issues, when issues arise, use the warning light to inform the driver in an effort to detect complications early. U.S. diagnostic system named OBD2, Europe's diagnostic system named kOBD2 at, in fact two types of programs to complete the functionality could be the very same.

We typically refer to OBD2, in reality, the application layer J1979 (with ISO15031-5) protocol, we say that the vehicle to not help OBD2, that this motor vehicle doesn't assistance the J1979 protocol help, actually, doesn't help the J1979, does not suggest that car or truck will not help OBD2, OBD2 simply because a web based diagnostic system, plus the diagnosis need to be broad sense, such as EOBD, even though the North American SAE J1979 protocol is often a conventional designed by the Organization, it does not indicate that it doesn't help the J1979 OBD2 autos never assistance . Volkswagen cars help OBD2, but doesn't support J1979 protocol, so we referred on the OBD2 adapter with you to detect, it really is commonly undetectable.

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