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№№№ When Fiat Mary Crow Just isn't OnThe Speed of Fault (Obd2 Super Tool) №№№

By: mike88992

When Fiat Mary Crow Just isn't OnThe Speed of Fault (Obd2 Super Tool)

Symptom: A Fiat Crow Mary (FIAT-CROMA16V) because not on the speed. The automobile pit Britain met for a moment, then beat the automobile or the car appeared and then increased speed is just not on failure.

Troubleshooting: First OBD2 check the air filter is not dirty. Take out the spark plug, the combustion conditions are not very good (a little bit dark), but not a significant influence. According towards the symptoms, suspected faulty oil, eliminate from the fuel return line at the rail, simply don't start the engine oil return. OBD2 tubing removed to check, although there is oil, but the oil strain is very minimal (no really need to connect the fuel strain gauge is usually seen), the fault is rooted from the oil on the road. Take away the fuel pump OBD2 inspection, pump filter is not really dirty, but the pump housing at the accumulation of a great deal of yellow oil impurities described previously plus had a very dirty gasoline.
According to hydraulic conditions, determine fuel pump is negative, we recommend owners to replace. But the owners say, or try cleaning it. It seems the owner is dubious, and only the facts to speak. Cleansing the fuel tank and fuel pump. Fuel filter should also be replaced, take out the filter right after seeing the inside like Wong soup poured oil as dirty.

And now no fuel filter how you can do? Found Fiat vehicle EFI fuel filter with red motor vehicle almost, but a small amount of Fiat cars, as lengthy as you can on the tubing thread instead. Used a red filter EFI car or truck comparison, really on the same thread the tubing. Installed just after the oil return line or not, this thorough description in the poor fuel pump, the owner had agreed to replace the fuel pump. But without having the authentic car's fuel pump, it is recommended Jetta automobile owners to retrofit an electric fuel pump, which can save money and can save time. Alternative is based on: two cars with all the same multi-point fuel injection system, the same as European cars, the design system pressure should be the same.

Curry brought out a Jetta from the avant-garde (ci) motor vehicle fuel pump assembly, no change may be mounted directly on the Fiat car or truck tank (two tank fuel pump assembly installed with exactly the same diameter in the mouth, as well as the overall height not as well different), just plug and pump inlet and return pipe connections should change it. Immediately after conversion finished, start the engine, fuel return pipe soon have ejected. Road test, acceleration intact.

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