Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 7:24 PM

Envy bitches

I’m me, don’t you like what you see?
Wont you get like me?
Cause you thought I would die?
But I’m fine!
I’m me

A year ago I felt in love with the song Envy from Nicki Minaj, why? Because envy ruined some schoolyears. Some bitches,’who I called friends’, got jealous. Because I got the boys attention too and the clothes also looked good on me. Slowly my best friends count me more and more out. That made me upsad. Like that wasn’t enough. They called me a bitch and whore only because I didn’t let them see it was hurting me so much. The music of Nicki gave me strenght to move on and let me realize I was better than my haters. I tought they hate me because I did something wrong. That’s why I lived a year long in gogginess. But if I had listen to Nicki much earlier did I know that I didn’t do enything wrong, it was just envy. I kept my head high and pretend like I really don’t give a fuck.
They hated that, they want to knock me down and break me. So they did things and I don’t tell what because it hurts me when I thing about it. I couldn’t pretend like I didn’t care anymore. Some of them felt sorry, but it’s to late. I was upsad but also so angry! I showed my angry, I showed the bitch inside me. They got scared. I moved on on a other school and I have got a good live here. I know they only hate me because of envy. But I feel like I have the whole world behind me. I ‘ve lovely people around me. My haters let me see what real love is and thats not there, let make me a new start on a new place with no envy and make me stronger. So breaking me and knock me down? Where are you talking about? You made me happy and let me see that I’m not a bad person but you only called me that because you jealous. Now I have motivation to go farther now I see you guys lost!
So now my slogan is: My haters are my motivators.
Thanks Nicki fort his wise lesson

Xoxoxo TB

  1. 4 Eva Frass avatar

    On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 12:41 AM, 4 Eva Frass said:

    This is exactly how she makes me feel too...When Im having a shitty day her music lifts me up

  2. 4 Eva Frass avatar

    On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 12:37 AM, 4 Eva Frass said:

    Love it Nicki :)

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