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damn. I just found out about the TMR thing. I live in Canada, don't get it here, so I didn't know until I see all of these blogs about it. Honestly, I think Nicki handled it the best way possible; not getting involved, and leaving before something happened.
What makes me sad is the fact that Team Minaj's petty little arguments are putting a line between us and her. WTF GUYS! we are supposed to be her fans! she does not need to know about every little thing in your life, or your fights. just because we call her 'mommy' doesn't mean we can run to her and expect her to fight our fights, considering shes had to do enough of that for herself to last a lifetime.
If you are a fan, start fucking acting like one. appreciate her. and stop bothering her with this drama bullshit that 99% of us don't have anything to do with, or are completely and totally sick and tired of. because now, we have lost some of our connections because of some bad examples of what 'team minaj' is. take your crap elsewhere, this is a fansite, don't troll over it with this cyber bullying stuff.
ugh. ranting takes energy.

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    On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 5:04 PM, RomansBestie said:

    yeah, I guess. I just feel so...ashamed of what team minaj is showing the world...there are more good people than bad, but the bad just stand out like eyesores. and its just so sad that these people are then pulling nicki into it when she has nothing to do with it :(

  2. niecy avatar

    On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 4:50 PM, niecy said:

    I definitely agree with you she shouldn't be pulled into all that drama but everything's gonna be alright. Nicki knows who's true. And hopefully we can earn some of that back from Nicki.

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