Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 4:04 AM

lol well...

yeah okay, y'all may think im crazy but im already starting on my nicki costume for halloween next year. i didnt get to go out this year, so it needs to be epic which requires planning and time. Im doing her outfit from the itty bitty piggy video. so today, I got some pink weaves that were on sale, and they are the perfect color! I saw the perfect earrings at walmart (remember when she always wore those hoops *_*) and I have these jeans that are pretty much the exact same (no zippers at the pockets though..) ill just paint on a skull and do some splatters. im gonna change the whole bombshell bra part into just a pink tanktop and a black tanktop over that. bombshell bras cost $50, plus thats a little too much cleavage for me ;p I have a pair of black pumps that are perfecto for the job, so all I need after that is an inexpensive black wig with bangs and im set! the local accessories store has pink/purple bangles, so ill get a pack of those and some eyeshadow, maybe false lipstick...ill have my friend (and artist) draw her tattoo on my arm in finetip marker...and hopefully Ill rock some Nicki OPI polish :)...and VOILA! perfect nicki costume :)

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