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take care :)

i know this is a nicki fansite, but i just have to show some love to drizzy for take care! i finally got my copy at christmas--two copies actually, one of which i am saving in its original packaging--and i was pumped because besides the singles, i hadnt listened to any of it. the reason was because the feeling of popping a cd in the player for the first time and listening to all the new music gets me so energized, its such an amazing feeling.
so anyways, this is an amazing album. for those who havent done so already, go get it! lyrically speaking, the subject matter is mature, and i dont mean like a parental guidence thing. i mean, the words and phrases he uses have 'grown up' since thank me later. it reminds me of so far gone, but more contemporary. the beats on this album hit all the right notes for me. they are different and supply that soul-moving bass that i crave. they are deeper and richer, with some really amazing sounds on them. the beats for underground kings and crew love set my soul on fire lol, i love them!
the collaborations were great, nicki especially ;) i loved buried alive interlude, i thought that was really cool. and i love the sampling of "back that azz up" for practice. three weezy songs was the flowers on the cake, with make me proud as the icing.
this album has really changed my view on drake's creativity and the production team at ovo. they put together an astounding album that is my favorite from 2011 (2010 was pink friday, im sure roman reloaded will be my 2012) and i know that he will get his juno award for this...darn justin bieber, took poor aubreys awards.
what are your thoughts on take care?

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