Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 1:29 AM

How I Found Out About Nicki Minaj

Well I was in foster care n my foster sister came to the house we were at with her Pink Friday CD. We weren't suppose to listen to the CD cuz of the language but we didn't care. When our foster mom was gone we wuld blast the CD. My foster sister Caitlin n I r HUGE Nicki fans n we wish we culd at least go to a concert n we would love to meet her. We both are back home now n we still haven't had the money to go c her.. :( But someday we will!! We love yhuu Nicki, wish u wuld follow me on twitter i have ben trying since i found out about u in like 2010 :) Well thats all for now ily Nicki <3

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