Sat, Jan 1, 2011 at 2:08 PM

out w/2010 in w/ 2011

Let's get it!!!! This past 2010 has been a really rough ride and definitely has taken a tole on my life. I never expected my first year on my own to be so full of obstacles that get in your way any time you try to accomplish something. I am very grateful for the people in my life and of course Nicki Minaj the baddest rapper out there for still being there and motivating me to do better and stop focusing on the little things so much. I grew into this constant worrying crazy witch that turned alot of friends away from me and nearly ruined a relationship. But knowing who is really there for me and cares is how I know things will be ok because they are still here by my side. My new years resolution is to work harder than last year, not to worry so much and just get it done, hopefully learn to control my temper, and continue to support the baddest HB in the world Nicki Minaj. Nicki we love you and wish we had a closer connection to Onika Miraj. It seems impossible for those that aren't sure how to do that or even know the options of somehow being able to talk with the person they admire the most. I have yet to really see any singer/rapper connect with all of there fans in that sense. I love that you keep us updated and keep letting us know our support is acknowledged. Ended out the year working and I'm going to finish out working harder and having more for myself!!!

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