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This is the third time I have been blessed to meet Nicki. This was the absolute best time I have had. I had such amazing girls from TMT with me. I am giving y'all the short version..

From the beginning, SB and Martin took care of us (Thanks again guys). When Nicki's set came on, we were too hype and got even closer seats to the stage and next thing you know, I hear "SBBBBBBBB" I turn around and him and Vincent were sitting in the seats behind us. He gave us hugs and then you know all the CF's came around wanting pictures and alla that.

After Nicki's set we all met up for the M&G. As soon as we get into the room, all the CF's were lined up. So I sat at the table and all the girls sat down with me and I started playing the Cipher and we rapped it. Haha from there...

We turned off the music and rapped itty bitty piggy, among others. All the CF's were looking confused. You know they don't know about those mixtape days. Anyway.. all the CF's start screaming for Nicki as she was walking up so we all got up and greeted her too.

You know we HAD to put on a show for Nicki, so we had to do itty bitty piggy again. Nicki looked over and smiled :)
Somebody's mother was tryna tell us to keep it down, but I looked at Martin and he was like yall good! HEEEYYY! So..we continued.

We did M4L and baddest bitch. She smiled at us again :)
Haha but when we came to the end of baddest bitch..she looked over and told us to shhh (the p word) we all broke out into laughter.

You know SB came over and was hanging out and taking pictures with us :) We were all cracking up..especially when we said "balls cockless" Lauren's face was priceless and Nicki tried so hard not to bust out laughing during her picture, but she had to let it out after.

SB also asked us with Trailer part we liked best!

I made SB laugh so hard *pauz* and he loved it :)

When it was finally our turn, she told us she had never seen so many TM at a M&G before and goodness once she said y'all traveled so far, we had to start singing "Save Me Remix" that just added to the laughter. You should of seen her face. Priceless. And you know SB was too hype!

Of course she did individual pictures, we all got like two, plus two group pictures. Nicknames, boobs signed and personal conversations with her. It was beyond amazinggg.

She said " You're 23 with your degree, wow, that's amazing. I'm proud of you" all while holding my hands. And when I told her how she had said to me on the phone before "you're badass, kickass and fetch and if anyone tells you any different, their a hatin ass hoe" she busted out laughing.

As the end came near, she told us we made her so happy :')

But before she left, she PLAYED us!! Haha she said y'all wanna come on stage with me?! And of course we screamed that we did, and then she gon yell "siiikkkkeeeeeee" haha. She said "Britney would kill us. If it was my set, you know I would" she know she was wrong for that!

When we went back out for the TTWERemix, she went back on stage and the BC's came back out and hung out with us one more time and yes, I booty-bumped SB..twice :)

The most perfect night. everrrrr.

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    On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 4:09 AM, Djm5222 said:

    Uhm.......... Jealous. I hate you. Wish I was you. Haha, Just kidding! I'm glad you got a chance to do all of this! (Wait, I'm just kidding on the I hate you part) because I am definitely jealous and I wish I was you. On her solo tour coming around next year (Hopefully) I really want to get Meet and Greet passes since I think it would be totally worth it. Judging from your experience, it was.

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