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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers confirmed Tuesday that he has a fractured left collarbone, but he insisted that no timetable has been established for a return to football activities.
.Asked by's Jason Wilde on "The Aaron Rodgers Show" if he could play through the pain, Rodgers replied, "I do have a fractured collarbone.It's a significant injury.We'll know more about the severity and the timetable later this week".After sustaining the injury, Rodgers played toss on the sideline but couldn't throw as well as he wanted to.He described the pain as "considerably more" than he's felt in a long time.Rodgers emphasized that he's still going through the testing process, so his return date is up in the air.The injury will not require surgery.Rodgers simply has to wait for the bone to heal because there's not a specific type of rehab for the injury.
."You can put yourself at greater risk for a worse injury if you go back out there," Rodgers added."But I think most people know my personality and I'm going to try and be back as quick as I can".
.Perhaps the most surprising part of the interview occurred when Rodgers talked about his reception from the Lambeau Field faithful upon his return to the field Monday night against the Chicago Bears.
.He labeled the moment one of the "top five" of his career.Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback and one of the Green Bay Packers players.According to the report, the Aaron Rodgers's fractured collarbone is causing considerably more pain than he's felt in a long time.
.Well, Aaron Rodgers said that he's still going through the testing process, so he is not sure when he can return to play on the field for the Green Bay Packers.Anyway, I believe Aaron Rodgers will try his best to return to play and I hope he can recover as soon as possible.
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