Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 12:05 AM

Happy birthday to our dear queen Nicki.

@NICKIMINAJ from the barbs: happy birthday to our queen Nicki!<3
may she be blessed and carry on making amazing music<3
she's one of the most beautiful women on earth and every barb must always support and love her for who she is and her music and us barbs shall always support our queen.

When I saw that someone had wrote this for Nicki's birthday I thought I'd have to share it! So the credit goes to the person who wrote this but anyway, can you believe that nicki is 30 already? With her radiant beauty she shines on and always will in all of our hearts, and as she always says, we keep her confident, we make her realise how much of an inspiration she is, so keep up the good work barbs because it is defenatly making a big impact on our queen. And there maybe sometimes when you tweet her and she will never reply but does it truly matter? She knows that every single one of us cares so we can hope that it will happen one day and if it does then it will be truly remarkable and will be 100% worth it, but just remember about what we've seen her become and how we've watched her grow throughout her career. On tv, at her concerts and through her music, we feel the love and to be honest barbs, I wouldn't have it any other way. We love our harijuku Barbie bitch, and we should provide her with love and support and show her that every little thing matters. <3

Pollyanna 8/12/12.

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