Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 5:04 PM


I'm not too good at writing blogs, hence why i've only written two...LMAO
But today i got my exam timetable for my GCSE's,
Not too worried about most stuff except maths, deffoooo gonna fail -.-
just gotta try my best,
And it's funny because Nicki really inspires me to do well in school, she tells her barbz to stay in school but don't most celebrities?...
Theres just something about the way Nicki says it that makes it feel personal, like she cares, and i'm glad she cares because i care about her and seeing people hate on her really upsets me, but thats what you get when you love someone so unique and may i say controvertial..
But for every hater theres a hundred barbz.
Love ya Nick :-*

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