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Nicki Minaj

"Nicki Minaj".....can I just say "the greatest female rapper of all time".Most people would look a Nicki as an ordinary woman, but to me she goes further.Her style,her look,attitude & music are just the simple things I love about her.She's "real" & no less than PERFECT! HATERS say she's "fake"....God I hate those negative comments.If they would just get the time to know more her then they too can love her the way I do.Her music has meaning & it inspires me,she is certainly my hero & my idle.I look up to her,because she will forever mean the world to me.My mom and brothers say "she's not all of that,get over her!" all I could do is keep it all to myself.Nicki Minaj is so beautiful & cool, whenever people say something negative about her, I write them on my list of haters,they never faze me or Nicki!I don't care what nobody says I love Nicki!!! #TeamMinaj til the death of me

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