Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 1:02 PM


See this stream going down my face,
Its because of you, whom I cannot replace.
You're my best friend, about that I cant lie.
If anything happened to you, surely I would die.

And just know that I'll be there,
Through happy or sad, thick or thin.
If you ever really need to talk,
Just call my phone, whenever u want.

I promise to listen,
Though I may not say a word,
I'll sit there with you and cry.

If everything crashes down in your world,
I wont blink an eye.
I'll stay perfectly still.
I won't walk away.
Because if you need me there,
I promise I'll stay.

So before you go and hurt yourself,
Or do something you'll regret,
Just know, I have always been there,
Since the day we met.

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