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NMIW2012 | The Nicki Minaj Icon Wall 2012

The Nicki Minaj Icon Wall is where you can contribute your Nicki Minaj icons to build The Nicki Minaj Icon Wall.

Please contact me for more info or if interested.

Here are some general rules:
1. All contributions must be a 100 by 100 pixels icon canvas
2. Each icon must be different or vary in a way
3. If you have any questions/suggestions about the wall or the removal of icons please feel free to message me
4. You can only post icons that you've created only!

Here are some general purposes/benefits:
1. If you're new to working on a 100 by 100 pixels file / canvas, here's your opportunity! Why not start today!?
2. If you already have experience in making the (100x100 px) size icon, there's always room for improvement!
3. If you're just bored, why not make some Nicki Minaj Icons? You love and adore her don't you? -If not for any reason, at least you know she's frackin' gorgeous, and who wouldn't want to touch her photos?
4. For sure, this experience will inspire you! -Being able to see all the different icons and contributors.
5. This wall of icons WILL be submitted TO Nicki Minaj!!!

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