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PINK friday tracklist review

pink friday is the best album, i enjoyed this album mainly
because it shows how versitial nicki is.

1. The best- i love this song because nicki kind of explains the reason why she does what she does.and how far shes come.this song is inspirational "that im fighting for the girls that never thought they could win"

2.Roman's revenge- i LOVEEE this song. nicki goes off showing people that she is a rapstress and that she has anger in her and doesnt allow people to step on her. this beat is crazy and i like how eminem is featured on it, they work well toogether.

3. Did it on em- this song is raw. nicki's lyrical status on this song gives me chills. nicki goes off on this song. and i love her lil silly verses. "if i had a dick, i would pull it out and piss on em" :)

4.Right thru me- this is one of my favorite songs on the album.why? because it shows the different styles of nicki. it shows that she can be both hard rap and soft and vulnerable. i also love the message of this song

5.Fly- i also love this song very much. it makes me happy to see two very contorversial female artisits in the game put their talents together to make such a great song.

6.Save me- this is also one of my favorites. i like how it shows nicki's insecurities and how she feels doubtlful. i can relate to this song a lot.

7.Moment4life- i like this song because it tells the listeners and fans how thankful and appreciative nick is for what she has. it shows a humble side of nicki "i wish that i could have this moment for life"

8.Check it out- this song is very popish. i like it though. a nice beat and the video is the best." a dun dun"

9.Blazin'- one of my favorites. i love nicki's spit on this song. her and kanye make he perfect team, they blazed this song.

10. Here i am- im not really feeling this song. i dnt know why but this is the song i allways skip.

11. Dear old Nicki- i freakkinnnngggg love this song. nicki gets a lot of critism and hate for not being old nicki, and i love how nicki approcced that. it shows that nicki understands that she has grown and changed as an artist.

12. Your love- this song is good. i love nicki's vocals on this song

13. Last chance- im not really feelilng this song. its good that nicki is teaming up with an artist from a different genre of music.

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