Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 6:43 AM

:( Please Come Back Nicki!

So Nicki recently deleted her Twitter account! Very sad news! so sad i feel like someone close in my family passed away! Man i miss her so much! If shes mad i really would love to apologize on anyone and everyones behalf. Even that one person may have sparked her fuse and got her mad to the point of deleting her twitter, we cant really blame anyone! I mean she warned us yesterday! But we took it as a joke. She's a woman. A business woman that would like to be taken seriously! Even by her close to heart fans. We are very lucky to be able to more than just fans to Nicki. Some of us know her so well you could call yourself a friend of Nic's. But even by a friend you want to be taken seriously at a distressed moment. Who knows how Nic was really feeling yesterday when she was tweeting us. All i know is that i need her to come back to Twitter! She gave me and TM life on Twitter. She is the only reason for some of us joining Twitter. Please come back Nic! We've learned our lesson.

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