Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 10:18 PM

Hello, my yellow mellow fellow

Weird. My last blog was saying summer was just around the corner! And in this blog I'm saying...dang school is like next door! -_- school start Aug.14 for me! But I kind of have this feeling that the first semester will go by quick. Idk but who else felt those earthquakes yesterday and Tuesday?! I didn't feel Tuesday, but I felt a little of Wednesdays. So I'm thinking that this BIG earthquake that suppose to hit Cali is gunna be soon. I was also thinking if it hit the right places...California would be its own island! Nice! But if it hits the wrong places...then we all die a slow and painful death by drowning. :) Anyways... The first day of school I'm auditioning for a play at school. And I've been working on my monologue as my audition piece cuz I really want a party in this play. So please WISH ME LUCK! ^.^

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