well you all remember me and if you dont thats your own fucking fault i am the baddest bitch to ever hit BGC and the haters can fucking kill themselves photo 63925012-F750-4574-9B74-EC5127823A2F-246-0000001518642A43_zps377577c0.jpg photo E86DE470-E433-49BE-A2DD-0752614362A4-246-000000150838E7B6_zpsdf31394d.jpg photo D6220B6E-3EC5-4ADC-8655-44BDBA2930A0-246-0000001507ACCCE1_zps1a0a7dd1.jpg photo E3F7325E-AF21-4AC8-B836-ABA510C7DC9C-246-0000001505A4E0F3_zps9020c094.jpg photo B4E7A4BA-F7E7-445E-967E-538BA0B75EED-246-00000015053AD5F0_zps0d048c4f.jpg photo 7C0E2D9B-42C1-43E1-BB02-85BF55339D23-246-0000001504943E0F_zpsfa8c90cf.jpg photo 3A1D17C1-4AF8-47A8-A176-D892C071BFD1-246-0000001502E9B4C1_zpsaa30f64f.jpg photo C064D189-5082-47E0-B81F-F5957BF87308-246-0000001503F603B0_zps0d4f8dba.jpg photo F8869A73-8EAE-481D-B9A4-C45D41C8385B-246-0000001502188D51_zpse388ae9d.jpg photo 35E16F01-BEF6-4A7A-8842-10B6D34A6D09-246-00000015011A05C1_zpsb9e438d0.jpg photo EAC5E2C3-BBEE-4626-8D6B-96FE13A3DEBD-246-000000150192DFD4_zpsee656854.jpg photo E6DCF7BF-5FCF-4138-BED6-7C407A040AB9-246-00000014FB5D75B2_zpsdaf92c60.jpg photo 3E549368-F4C8-4C01-865A-CBCF1EF5FB6F-246-00000014F7CFE541_zpse43e6d25.jpg photo C6508BBC-FF2C-4D62-8403-70CE08DCCF99-246-00000014FAEAB0ED_zps33a2c555.jpg photo CCF7F2C9-247A-40F8-B83E-27855091208C-246-00000014FA7A0262_zpsee535b2a.jpg photo 9C48AA63-2D93-415F-98DE-827E2388C93B-13582-000012C9C7FE3162_zps35682a18.jpg photo E8777651-7189-48E0-B7CE-7F8DF93DEB14-13582-000012C9C6771CBE_zpsb705a2ef.jpg photo 34F37994-59C4-4D25-B8F9-B2FEBDFE817B-13582-000012C9C5A63DB9_zpse93d0c54.jpg photo 23E23208-EFA1-48F3-8A72-2A44ADD0DF17-13582-000012C9C61984D4_zpsec731d34.jpg photo F7128332-220E-47A1-A294-CC62593E8E09-13582-000012C9C3B9809C_zpsa44c0ecf.jpg photo 8ADA92E7-4005-4D6A-9F0B-6010772E4A54-13582-000012C9BF61167A_zps78ed1758.jpg photo 34F3763D-C14E-480B-9950-376AD9148B1B-13582-000012C9BE78C890_zps65095859.jpg photo DB97DA80-97E2-4B85-A1FB-CCF1C965EDF0-13582-000012C9BE04D402_zpsfc8345e5.jpg photo 9C85E26F-4B70-4AE2-B8E0-4434307C339F-13582-000012C9BECD94FC_zpsf6ed72d2.jpg photo 156884B5-6AE0-4488-823B-D1C808F90137-13582-000012C9BA558D60_zpsbf7c76a8.jpg photo 243F5149-2F88-4D54-8A55-C1CAB0C10C95-13582-000012C9BA032499_zpsf35717fc.jpg photo boss-harajku-barbie-i-win-itty-bitty-piggy-nicki-minaj-Favimcom-370359_zps916801a2.gif photo nickiminajmagazinepic3_zpsfe675853.jpgNicki Minaj photo 978tbp.gif photo eba2f380_zps561bb59f.gif photo 3a036a39_zps557875b7.jpgnicki minaj photo: nicki minaj nicki_minaj-13.jpgnicki minaj photo: Nicki Minaj n3.pngnicki minaj gifs photo: NIcki Minaj and S.B 85.gifnicki minaj gifs photo: NIcki Minaj photoshoot 206.gifnicki minaj gifs photo: nicki minaj gif 203.gifnicki minaj gifs photo: Nicki Minaj gif 187.gifnicki minaj gifs photo: nicki minaj knockout 160.gifnicki minaj photo:  1318620047809.jpgnicki minaj photo:  tumblr_ln8u1aA2tH1qck9hho1_500_zpsa04d0f69.gifnicki minaj photo:  tumblr_lntu0yGTn91qehcbto1_500_zps8bf9d754.gif

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    On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 12:04 AM, AshleyD said:

    Tami ??

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    On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 6:41 PM, PoohBearAllDaWay said:

    Hey Valentina glad to see your on check your messages

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    On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 1:53 AM, PoohBearAllDaWay said:

    Can't wait to talk to ya tomorrow Valentina.

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    On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 3:22 PM, PoohBearAllDaWay said:

    Love your page girl your a SBB aka Super Bad Bitch!!

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    On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 7:48 PM, dopeswaggah said:

    heyy team minaj i love ur page
    follow me on twitter ; @miss_beauty20

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    On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 1:14 PM, femalebossidgaf said:

    I love your page too! You is beauts , Yee im a bad bitch and I've got my hands up high lmao :3 x

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    On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 11:05 AM, MarcosKenMinaj said:

    Hey barbz, i like your page (:

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    On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 1:58 PM, EleNi said:

    Hey barbie! Thx 4 the add. love ya page!!

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