Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 2:15 AM

My Nickname is Nicki Minaj at Work.

Everyone in my life knows that I'm a huge Nicki Minaj fan.I love Nicki Minaj's music,personality,and fashions. I have my hair styled in the same asymmetrical bob that she mostly sports.I wear the same exact Pink Friday pendant and Barbie pendant that she wears, plus I wear a Nicki Minaj charm bracelet which features 4 pics of her inside mini frames.
I work as a nurse aide at a nursing home while I'm finishing school to become a teacher. My coworkers call me Nicki Minaj since I'm a huge fan of hers.
I was toileting 1 of the male residents.Of course I close the door to their rooms because they need their privacy.So I closed the room door behind me and rolled him to the bathroom in his room.The door was closed so I didn't hear the nurse calling my name.
I was in the room with the resident for almost an hour.I couldn't leave him because he's a fall risk.
All of a sudden the door to the room opened and the nurse laughed and said "Me and the rest of the workers wondered what happened to you. Didn't you hear me say Nicki Minaj please return to the floor?"
I didn't hear her call me Nicki Minaj over the PA system.LOL.
She said she figured I had to be in the room with Mr. X because she saw that Mr. X was gone too so she put 2 and 2 together and figured I must be toileting him.
So finally I don't get called Cinderella anymore. Well the co administrator still calls me Cinderella but everyone else has dubbed me Nicki Minaj since I'm a die hard fan of the queen of hip hop!
I earned the nickname because I listen to her music,sport the same asymmetrical bob that she mostly wears,have the tattoo of her signature on the top of my left boob,wear the Pink Friday chain,wear the Barbie chain,wear a Nicki photo charm bracelet,and I rap the lyrics to Nicki Minaj's songs to my residents if they become sad or agitated and it actually cheers them up.

There is this precious special needs lady. She can't speak.She just babbles,laughs,smiles,cries,and stomps her feet. Well Lulu(changed her name for privacy) loves Nicki Minaj's songs too! Whenever she cries or becomes way too hyper, I rap Nicki Minaj's versus to her and she calms down.
Lulu loves "Roman's Revenge." Whenever I spit the lyrics to Roman's Revenge to her she babbles and laughs.
When I want Lulu to come to me I say...
"I got em scared,shook,panicking.You at a stand still mannequin."
She loves that part of Roman's Revenge! When I want her to come to me I just rap "I got em scared shook panicking.You at a stand still mannequin." and she wheels herself to me smiling and laughing away.
She also likes "Massive Attack" and "Did it On Em."

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