Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 8:47 AM

How to Deal?

Look Barbz I love Nicki as much as the next person and I will support her till the day I die but I don't know what to say when people start breaking her down. They start calling her fake, a hoe, dirty, and a lil kim wanna-be. I would consider myself a nice person and I don't like to start things so I never know what to say to those who just sit there and try to destroy my role model right in front of my face. It often really hurts my feelings because I consider her like a second mother to me and I don't want to let her down but I'm just not as bold as her but I try so hard... not to be her but to bre like her as my role model I love you Nicki but I feel like I'm letting you down. So if someone reading this could comment and help me out that would be great. Thanx.

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