Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 3:06 PM

Inspiration Or What

Nicki Minaj Is Such An Inspiration To All Her Barbz (Me Included) ans her ken's . she is a child at heart and her music is beautiful they express inner feeling and all make sencse to thoose who are willing to listen . if you listeen carefully to her music you can rlate to it and find situations where the music she produces will be usefull . i think nicki minaj is very beautiful and although most of the time i hear 'but she's plastic' 'nothing is real' i argue back and tell people that yes part of her breasts are not real and part of her bum isnt real aswell her heart is real and its all about personality . however i think she's beautifull anyways not everyone can rock a fake bumm and fake boobieess . Gooo Nicki . TeamNickiMinaj

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