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By: moe_moe4

I've studied the smile, such a representation of the soul it is! I mean you can't fake one right? Wrong..Ive been in meeting after meeting and smile when truly I wanted to cry. I remember times my mother would ask me," Baby whats wrong?" and I would smile and say," Nothing!" and if she asked me was I sure I'd say yes with smile....Why? The simplest lie....why do we hide our pain? Ive smiled through the worst of times and had a stone face look through the most beautiful. Ive held back tears in meetings and smiled like I was a 1000% ready to take on the world, when inside a thunderstorm is rumbling. The levies hold strong....Ive proved this time and time again how strong I am....How strong you are as well....we are the same...You fake smile too just like me and your good at it!!

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    On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 7:32 AM, foxy_babygirl said:

    Well I no personally I never let anyone c me cry. I w8 til I'm alone & let it out a lot of times....I believe 1 reason is because like me I feel if anyone, esp. my boyfriend c me cry it shows a sign of weakness. I guess also we want 2 not put more worry on our parents than we did growin up & want 2 m8k them feel we r happy. I dunno but ur dead on we put on our "poker face",LOL, not 2 b using someone else's wrds! LOL! But that's my reason-I guess diff ppl do it 4 diff reasons. But I've shared mine w/u. Tootles!

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