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Nfl Jerseys May Not Be All

Here's what else we learned during 11 games played on the Sunday of Week 8.The Vikings need to find a way to get Cordarrelle Patterson the ball.Very few players have the natural explosion that the rookie wide receiver possesses.Raiders defensive end LaMarr Houston and rookie linebacker Sio Moore keyed a defense that sacked Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger five times and held Le'Veon Bell under 2.0 yards per carry.Steelers’ kicker Shaun Suisham's two missed chip shots were the difference in a tight game.Peyton Manning hasn't been clicking on all cylinders the past two weeks like he was early in the season, but his offense still has more points through eight games than any team in NFL history after closing out Sunday's game with a 38-0 run.Griffin told Fox's Pam Oliver before the game that he's faster than ever as a runner.If that's true, it's not showing up on game film.With receiver Michael Crabtree out of the mix, San Francisco is happy to run the ball, and run it some more.Saints tight end Jimmy Graham was able to make an impact despite that bothersome foot injury.We watched seven games on Sunday’s night, some are dramatic, some are fantastic, and some are boring.The winners celebrated their victory while losers are crying.The Kansas City Chiefs didn’t lose to the Cleveland Browns which means they are the best in the NFL so far, the second best should be the Denver Broncos, they beat their viral Redskins easily, Peyton Manning maybe can’t be as good as before, but he is still better than any other offense in the league.
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